Sensitive Plant (Mimosa) – Item #390

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Sensitive Plant is usually grown indoors but is also used for ground cover in warm regions. The feather foliage quickly responds to touch by snapping its leaves shut! Children find them fascinating and fun. Grow in a bright window in four-inch pots.

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Weight .50 g
Dimensions .125 × 3.25 × 4.5 in

Planting & Harvesting

Seed Depth: 1/8″ (3mm)

Spacing: 1″ (3cm)

Sprouts In: 7-14 days

Thinning: 4″ (10cm)

Start seeds in four-inch pots in sterile potting soil. Place a few seeds in each pot and cover lightly. Keep plants evenly moist and warm until they emerge. Thin to one strong plant per pot when they are one-inch tall.

Small, pink silky flowers are borne on mature plants.

Additional Information

Botanical Name: Mimosa pudica

Height: 6-12″ (15-30cm)

Bloom Period: when mature

Type: annual