At Lake Valley Seed, our goal is to provide gardeners with the best quality seed available at competitive pricing. We offer a wide variety of seed products for sale across the United States.

We focus on what matters most: consistent sales revenue from the top quality garden seeds your customers are looking for, careful analysis of what sells, and keeping our finger on the pulse of gardening trends.

We match our high quality product offering with helpful customer service, and on-time deliveries.

Our packets are color banded indicating vegetable, flower and herb, in conventional, value pack and seed tape varieties, with a color bar that indicates if the variety is an Heirloom. Packets display accurate photographs of the plants that will grow from the seeds, in addition to growing, planting, harvesting or other notations.

UPC codes for Lake Valley seed packets are assigned and printed according to the packet item number. Price and product net weight are printed on the front of the packets.

Lake Valley Seed is a proud distributor of Certified Organic seeds.

Our organic line offers a wide selection of organic vegetable, herb, sprouting and flower seeds, in a distinctive design that sets them apart from our conventional seed lines. This makes it easy for your customers to readily locate the organic seeds they prefer.

All of our organic seeds are non-GMO, USDA and Colorado Department of Agriculture certified.

Our space-saving displays are constructed of scored corrugated modular panels with clear plastic pockets or sturdy metal wire, which show the majority of the packet picture, and are easy to install. Our displays are offered in a variety of sizes, some providing optional interchangeable pockets.

For greenhouse areas, we recommend a metal display, which will tolerate moist floor conditions.

Displays that are constructed and filled with product in our facility, prior to shipping, are configured with customized orders. All full color, cardboard display headers go out with first orders of the season, based on the content of your order, and display is free of charge when your order has sufficient content to fill the display.

We carry various other supplemental materials such as clip strips, gardening guides, shelf talkers and banners. Please inquire about supplemental materials when placing your order(s) through our ordering department.

All Lake Valley Seed products are of the highest quality available and carefully selected from growers around the world. All of our seeds are non-GMO, and untreated (including no treatment with neonicotinoid pesticides), and we carry over 400 varieties of heirloom seed. We value the importance of seed quality with twice-yearly germination testing.

Selling Garden Seeds should be this easy:

  • Risk-free terms
  • Customized orders
  • Sturdy, space-saving displays (free display when your order has sufficient product to fill)
  • Free shipping (available for first orders, new customers and re-orders, 150 packet minimum applies)
  • High fill rate

For more information on our wholesale programs, please contact