Onion White Sweet Spanish (Long Day) – Item #3933


The white Spanish onion plant produces beautiful large one-pound globe style onions. This onion is great for soups and salads requiring a mild onion flavor. Can be picked as bunching onions.

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Additional information

Weight .750 g
Dimensions .125 × 3.25 × 4.5 in

Planting & Harvesting

Seed Depth: 1/2″ (13mm)

Plant Space: 6″ (15cm)

Row Space: 18″ (46cm)

Sprouts In: 7-14 days

This is a long day variety that requires 14 hours of sunlight per day to set bulbs. Prefers fertile soil with regular water for best growth. Shallow-rooted, so keep well weeded to prevent competition. Sow in early spring as soon as soil can be worked and plant successive crops every few weeks for a continuous supply.

Pull onions when they have developed skins and the tops fall over. For storage, cure for 8-10 days before removing tops.

Additional Information

Botanical Name: Allium cepa

Matures In: 120 days