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A crisp source of protein, fiber, and vitamins C and A.

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Weight 40 g
Dimensions .125 × 3.25 × 4.5 in

Planting & Harvesting


  • Rinse approximately 4 tbsp. of seeds and soak overnight in fresh, non-chlorinated, room temperature water.
  • Drain the water, rinse the seeds once or twice, and drain again.
  • Place the seeds in a clean, sanitized sprouting jar or other container with a lid that allows easy draining and air circulation.
  • Do not add water. Seeds should be slightly damp, not wet.
  • Twice a day (morning and evening) rinse with fresh water and drain.
  • Continue to rinse and drain daily until sprouts are desired size.
  • Rinse well before serving. Sprouts taste best when eaten fresh, but well-drained sprouts will keep up to one week in the refrigerator.

Additional Information

Botanical Name: Vigna radiata

SEED SAFETY: Because of the possibility of foodborne illness, it has been recommended that seeds be treated prior to sprouting. People with weakened immune systems are advised not to eat raw sprouts.

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TIP: Prepare harvested sprouts with known antimicrobial foods such as vinegar, garlic, and onions.