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A distinctive garnish with a tempting garlicky-chive flavor. This is a hardy perennial plant that grows in clumps like regular chives. Try them chopped in omelets, tomato dishes, salads and oriental foods. Very hardy and easy to grow.

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Weight .75 g
Dimensions .125 × 3.25 × 4.5 in

Planting & Harvesting

Seed Depth: 1/8″ (3mm)

Plant Space: 9″ (23cm)

Row Space: 12″ (30cm)

Sprouts In: 10-21 days

Plant in a permanent location with full sun to part shade. Try a few patio pots that can be brought indoors for the winter. Start in early spring about two weeks before last frost or fall in mild climates. May be planted about four weeks early for transplants.

Cut clumps of leaves off about 1″ from the ground. New shoots will grow from the base of the plant.

Additional Information

Botanical Name: Allium tuberosum

Matures In: 45 days

Attributes: Perennial heirloom